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Run 14: Back in the Heartland

February 11, 2012

Miles: 8

Other Runners: 5 (some in ski masks!)

After some absolutely spectacular runs in Seattle last week, I am again a Chicago runner. I dropped Bijan off at school on Thursday, then drove to the lakefront and ran past Soldier Field, the planetarium, the Field Museum and the aquarium. For some eight miles I passed so many truly gorgeous, majestic structures and a lake lit up brilliantly by the early morning sun.

Truth? I was totally bored. And very, very cold.

The other truth? Statzy needs an attitude adjustment.

I completely lucked out in Seattle. I rested in the sweet company of so many dear friends and checked off some grad school requirements. And I ran three times. The first was a fast 6 on the treadmill a few hours before my oral defense on Monday. I took an early bus to the IMA, and when I stepped off and looked through the darkness, Husky Stadium was missing! (Or, half-missing). Immediately I thought: “This is it. I am asleep, and my exam happened without me.” But no: just construction.

I ran around Salmon Bay early Wednesday morning, my mind absorbed by the easy balance of dim cafes, the open garage doors of machine shops, a welder’s sparks flying along the side of a rusty tugboat. I crossed the Ballard Locks, ran along the edge of the water and watched the sun hit the shadowy crags of the Olympics. You really can’t make this sort of thing up. It was stunning. And on Friday, hungover but still very happy, I enjoyed Discovery Park and more of Ballard with dear Molly the border collie.

So now I’m back in the chilly city. It is as I left it: very flat, windy, concrete, laid out on a grid. Since Thursday’s run, which was preceded by a stressful drive and followed by a long, lonely day, it has become clear that running is only as happy as my heart. So here we are. To aid me in my quest for a new attitude, I have the latest issue of O magazine and a schedule of Midwest races. I have also agreed to teach a Wednesday night GED math- math?- prep course, and I just downloaded as many pathetic but very upbeat mp3s as I could stand (including but not limited to “Ridin’ Solo”).

Stay tuned.


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  1. oh no…we’re doomed. i totally have ridin’ solo on my “workout playlist” – no joke! run with me, s! we must change our ways.

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