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Run 7: From Exam Land…

January 16, 2012

Miles: 6.5

Other Runners: Lots! (7-8)

I’m  not sure that it’s appropriate to admit to working out during general exams week, as everyone I’ve ever talked to about the experience usually tells a very dramatic story about not sleeping and breaking down each day, overwhelmed and hungry. I haven’t cried yet, but I’m also eating regularly (lots of chocolate), getting my eight hours and making sure I have time for fresh air and cuddling with cat and husband.

(How could you not cuddle this?)

We joined the YMCA on Saturday. I wanted to start calling it “IPY” (Irving Park YMCA) but it tuns out “The Y” is just as easy to say. Having been raised in a tiny town (no gym) and following that up with lots of schooling (fancy university gyms), this is my first experience with a Y. The building is old and brick, and the inside smells a little funny. The front desk is a chaotic storm of energetic and/or exasperated young employees, scrambling little ones in bright snowsuits, hip teenagers asking for basketballs, middle-aged professionals who lost their swipe cards, and the men who live at the Y and come downstairs to check their mailboxes. (I watched one man pull out a bill, look at it, then put it right back in his slot. I understand completely.)

The treadmills are nice, and the “Bears Den” downstairs has some good free weights. But wow- it really is about the Bears. Flags, old football helmets, jerseys, and photos cover the walls. Bijan wouldn’t let me wear my Packers t-shirt there, and sadly, given yesterday’s game, I will not have the opportunity to again until next season.

Now back at it….


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  1. Marc just joined a Y to try here too. Funny timing. You’ll have to trade stories and impressions! And that kitty is the cutest thing ever! Even Sean just said “aww” when he saw the photo. 🙂

  2. Shanna permalink

    Does Alice have TWO beds? 😉

  3. Alice does, indeed, have two little beds. She also owns a third queen-size bed, but that is usually just for playing on at about 3 am.

  4. Kitty permalink

    It’s called The Ridge, Michele. C’mon.

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